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Adelphia Restaurant: Five Questions for Booking Your Wedding Venue

Adelphia Restaurant-WeddingPlanning your wedding is an extremely stressful time.  There are many things you must consider and an exorbitant number of pieces to put into place in order to make your special day go smoothly.  One of the most important decisions you will make is the venue which will act as the backdrop for this significant day.  The Adelphia Restaurant has hosted many weddings over the years and knows that making a list of your questions ahead of time is very helpful when conducting your onsite appointment with a potential venue.  Here are five questions you should ask whether you are choosing a site for your ceremony, reception, or both:

  1. What is the maximum occupancy? – Before you decide on venues, you should have a general idea of how many people you plan to invite to your wedding.  Make sure that the venue has enough space to fit everyone comfortably.  If the number of guests you are inviting is pushing their maximum occupancy, it is probably not the right venue for you as you do not want your guests tripping over each other.
  2. Do they have an event director?  – An event director acts as your main point of contact throughout the planning process.  It is important to know who you will work with at this stressful time and make sure that you get along with them.  Also find out if this individual is traditionally present the night of the event.  If they are not, you might want to consider bringing in a wedding planner to help you the day of.
  3. Who will set up and break down for the event?  – Find out exactly what the venue provides, such as linens, tables, chairs, any decorations, etc., and ask what additional things you can bring in such as chair covers.  Inquire about what specific things they do for your event:  Do they just set up the tables and place settings or will they also decorate for you if you provide extra items?  If you need to set up and break down, ask exactly what time frame will you have to do this.  Remember you can always ask your bridal party to help you with this.
  4. What vendors do you need to bring in? – Some venues provide their own caterers, or have an entertainment group they usually work with.  In other cases, you are renting an open space and will need to bring in everything from furnishings to food.  Find out exactly what you are paying for.  Also ask if they provide vendor meals, as some outside companies require this.
  5. What packages are available? – Many venues have different package pricing depending on what day of the week you are having your reception.  Price is traditionally per person and does not include tax and gratuity which are added on later.  It is important to know your budget ahead of time so you can choose a package that works for you.  Adelphia Restaurant reminds those planning their wedding to look at how much you are getting in your package as opposed to making your decision on a venue strictly because they have the lowest price.
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Making the Family Business Work

Adelphia Restaurant-BusinessThe Balis family is extremely proud to own and work in their establishment together, bringing both food and entertainment to the southern New Jersey area.  They know that family businesses are a foundation of our nation’s economy and have enormous potential.  There are both pros and cons to owning a family business but by establishing simple guidelines you can ensure continued success.  Many families who work together, like the Balis’, have found the following strategies helpful when running their businesses.

Schedule Separate Family Time

When you spend your days working together, with the business as your main focus, it is easy to forget to create moments for quality bonding with your family members.  However, it is essential that you nurture your relationships on a personal level to establish the strong bond that allows your business to grow.  Whether you choose to go on vacations, spend a quiet evening at home, or have a night out on the town, it is important that you make these times all about the family and prohibit all shop talk.  A healthy personal life enhances your professional life so you must take the time to strengthen these relationships.

Just as you should not discuss work when you are spending quality time with your family members, you should also refrain from discussing personal issues with a family member while on the clock.  Keep your family issues or news away from the ears of your other employees.  Their awareness of family issues can make them doubt your abilities and cause them to lose respect for the authority of family members in upper management.  Remember to act professional at all times when you are at your establishment and do not let your personal problems effect your working relationship with a member of your family.

Treat All Employees Equally

Regardless of their family status, you must hold all of your employees to the same rules and standards.  Doing this prevents non-family member employees from coming to resent you.  It also ensures that you do not have a breakdown of communication between for the family.  Everyone works better when they know what is expected of them, and it is not effective to bend the rules for an employee simply because they are related to you.  You should also have set roles when it comes to the business to allow everyone to work more efficiently together and limit the amount of tension which may arise.

Customer Service: Tips for Enhancing the Dining Experience

Adelphia Restaurant-Dining ExperienceWhether you are providing an incredible meal, a great night life experience, or catering a wedding, excellent customer service greatly impacts the satisfaction of your patrons.  The Adelphia Restaurant, located in Deptford, New Jersey, utilizes their great customer service to enhance the customers’ enjoyment of their top quality food, entertainment, and functions.  This family business knows that their passion and cohesive staff shine through enabling their patrons to enjoy an amazing night out.  Here are some tips to ensure high quality customer service:

  • Hire Qualified Front of the House Personnel – Your wait staff has the greatest impact on your customer’s dining experience.  Make sure that you hire individuals who possess a friendly and energetic demeanor.  They should demonstrate a willingness to learn along with an in depth understanding of the company’s mission and policies.
  • Take the Time to Train your Staff – Have effective policies in place for training new hires so that every member of your staff is knowledgeable about your food, policies, and procedures.  Hold bonding activities so that your staff acts as a cohesive unit.  Make sure to have them taste your menu items including the specials as a part of their training or the meetings you hold.  This will allow them to explain the items and make recommendations to the customer.
  • Create a Comfortable Atmosphere – Whether your patrons are joining you for Sunday brunch, drinks after work, or a wedding, they should feel at ease at your venue.  Create an ambience which reflects the purpose of your restaurant.  Remember to treat customers like guests in your establishment.  It is important to keep in mind that they are your priority at all times.  They should feel that it is your pleasure to serve them.
  • Do Not Make Promises You Can Not Keep – Especially for special events, it is very important to establish an honest relationship with your customers which should begin with the booking process.  Let your customers know if there is a possibility of another event occurring in the space that night.  If they have demands which you are not sure you can meet, tell them that you will check and get back to them, nobody likes surprises on their special day.  Remember that word of mouth is a great asset for bringing in future customers so go the extra step to ensure that your customers are satisfied with their experience.
  • Demonstrate Attentiveness to your Customers – Show your customers that you appreciate them and that you want them to have an enjoyable experience.  If they are dining in, check on them once they have received their meal to confirm that their expectations are met.  Verbally communicate that you appreciate their business.
  • Handle Problems in a Respectful Manner – If a customer is dissatisfied, handle the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Do not place blame, rather focus on a solution.  Even if a member of the staff has already rectified the situation, a manager should make the effort to apologize to the customer and let them know that their happiness is important to the establishment.
  • Recognize Your Loyal Customers – Every member of the staff, including upper management, should make the effort to recognize repeat customers.  Learn their names and greet them warmly.  This shows your customers that you appreciate their frequent appearances at your establishment.  Remember, loyal happy customers are likely to refer their friends.